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Sophie Picone

Sophie Picone, Op/Ed Editor

Sophie Picone is a senior at Warren Hills high school. This is her third year working for the streak newspaper, and she is proud to be your 2022-2023 opinion editor. Sophie became interested in journalism freshman year when she was looking for a way to speak out about the things she was passionate about and has been fully dedicated ever since.
Outside of journalism, Sophie also participates on the Warren Hills Drama Club executive board as Backstage Coordinator and works tirelessly both onstage and off. Outside of school, Sophie enjoys spending time outside (working seasonally at Round Valley state park, for example,) and with friends. She is a collector of vintage and antique fashion, and can often be found sewing, restoring, or wearing old clothing.
Sophie loves the fact that the school newspaper is a way to reach the entire student population, should they choose to listen. During her first year of Journalism, she became much more interested in what was happening in the world around her and feels that journalism has helped her expand her social and cultural awareness greatly. She encourages other students to join the journalism staff and use it to inform the members of the school district about issues in the world that they care about. Until then, she is happy to do it with this year's staff in the 2022-2023 school year!

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Sophie Picone