Le Crêpe Café Hits the Sweet Spot


The workers of the café were dedicated and friendly. The kitchen is visible so customers can watch the crepes be made, and the shelves surrounding it are filled with drinks and pastries galore. The café was a wonderful way to spend time with friends and an easy recommendation for good food in Washington. Bon appétit! (Photo by Sophie Picone)

Sophie Picone, Opinion Editor

Since the opening of Le Crêpe Café, the little shop on main street has been le discours de la ville (or rather, the talk of the town). Tucked into Washington Avenue, the café is a perfectly aesthetic place for Warren County youth and adults alike to meet up and chit chat over crepes and lemonade.

During my trip to Le Crêpe Café with my friends from Warren Hills, our first impressions were positive— “this place is cute,” “smells good, too,” “man, I’m starved.” My friends and I were looking for a quiet refuge from the heat and noise of a music festival on main street, and the café presented itself as the perfect place. It’s quaint, adorable and inviting, hidden between two other businesses, but still managing to catch the attention of any passerby. 

The inside of the café was adorable. Shelves filled with beautiful pastries surrounded the staff, who greeted us with smiles. The menu was hung on the wall like artwork, its offerings ranging from sweets to sandwiches.

Collectively, my group ordered a strawberry hazelnut crepe, a lemonade, two chocolate banana and maple syrup crepes, a sandwich and coffee. The service was fast despite the restaurant growing increasingly busy as the day grew hotter.

The drinks came first, and were perfectly made and chilled. The food was perfectly plated and the crepes each came with whipped cream and powdered sugar.

Everything tasted wonderful. The crepes were perfectly cooked, the fillings melted, the fruit fresh. The sandwich was well made and just as impressive.

“The crepes were very good, and the service was impressive!” said Warren Hills senior Lydia Cuttic. 

Her boyfriend, senior Owen Case, agreed— “the sandwich was amazing and the drinks were superb.”

Senior Sofia Schiano’s thoughts were similar. 

“My friends and I had a wonderful experience at the cafe,” she said. “The food was well made, quick and complimented the drinks and the vibes splendidly. Worth every penny.” 

When the meal was finished, we all thanked the owner (who was lovely), and headed back out onto main street, refreshed and ready to rejoin the festivities. Le Crêpe Café was a perfect haven from the heat and noise, and an excellent experience overall.