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Allison Slovak, Editor

Allison Slovak is a junior at Warren Hills. This is her second year writing for The Streak, as she is in Journalism II. She is excited to attend class normally this school year, after a chaotic 18 months of remote learning.

Besides writing, Slovak enjoys spending time with her four siblings, two of which are boys under the age of 4 (quite rambunctious). She also likes reading novels, and watching TV. She is on the Girls’ Tennis Team, and although she’s definitely not the greatest, she still enjoys playing. 

One of Slovak’s favorite things to do is eat food. She is willing to try any and all types of food. Her favorite food is ice cream, and she’s tried many different flavors, including Green Tea Ice Cream and French Fry Ice Cream.

It will be a miracle if Slovak makes it past high school, due to all the work from her numerous AP classes. She says classes can be pretty tiring sometimes, but a high school diploma is necessary in order to get a job in the future. Unless you don’t want to have a job, which is fine, since being unemployed is probably better than doing work like writing an essay comparing society to Regina George (which Slovak has done). Slovak sometimes thinks that maybe it would be better to drop out and live in her parents’ basement, where she can eat food in peace forever. However, she then usually remembers that if that happened, she wouldn’t be able to write for the school newspaper, which would be an enormous loss, since the newspaper helps give voice to so many students at Warren Hills, and gives them updates on important events and issues. 


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Allison Slovak