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Gkathleen Guedez

Gkathleen Guedez, Managing Editor

Gkathleen Guedez is a senior at Warren Hills Regional High School and this is her third year participating in Journalism and her first year as Managing Editor. Her love of books hasn’t hindered since her first year, and instead has only grown throughout her time in high school; especially as she tries to take her mind off of college applications. This past summer Guedez has read multiple book series, but her favorite has been a retelling of Leo Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” named “Anna K.” by Jenny Lee which is set to the modern age of rich teenagers filled with heart-stopping drama and eye-opening twists and turns.

Unsurprisingly, Guedez is going to be pursuing a career in writing and hopes to work either as an author or an editor at a publishing company. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase her abilities as a fiction writer and can't wait to see what happens next. Yet, even with her hopes of becoming a writer, Guedez will be continuing her path in graphic design. The classes she took in both freshman and sophomore year have made her want to study it further and bring her insane ideas to life.

Guedez’s admiration of music has been her fuel while writing her articles and that seems to be the main reason that she doesn’t hand her articles in late (anymore). Guedez’s taste of music ranges in a way that is almost concerning…but not enough because she seems to be getting on just fine. Lately, she has been listening to Lovejoy, a British indie rock band, as well as a variety of soft pop/rock artists. Music has always seemed to put her mind on focus, allowing her to cancel out everything surrounding her, and instead letting the music guide her. It has also given her inspiration for many stories and insight to new meanings of life, and how every note really does serronate with her.

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Gkathleen Guedez