School Spirit Makes a Comeback


Gkathleen Guedez and Gabrielle Hansen

For the first time in a while, Warren Hills was able to hold a pep rally. The excitement grew every day leading up to the pep rally with an exhilarating Spirit Week. 

The first day of Spirit Week featured students wearing their best pajamas. With the hallways filled with unicorn onesies and plaid pajama pants, it was by far the comfiest day.  

The rowdy Sports Day followed with  everyone wearing their favorite sport’s team apparel. It was clear who supported who and there was some friendly rivalry throughout the day.

Tropical Day presented a chilled out Wednesday with hula skirts, coconuts, and floral shirts, showing that you can never get rid of the summer feeling. 

College Day was a chance for everyone to show off what schools they planned to go to, where their siblings go, or what schools they just like. 

The final day of Spirit Week was a long hyped one: the Blue Out. It seemed the entire school was engulfed with blue as everyone prepared for the pep rally. The long-awaited pep rally was finally upon us the last period on Friday. 

The Pep Rally was held in the stadium; something that hasn’t been done in a very long time. The weather was able to pull through and provided sunny skies with bits of clouds allowing for moments of cool throughout the event. It was very appreciated as the day grew hotter, and nice early autumn breezes swept on by.

The game to start off the Pep Rally was Tug-o’-War and the clear victors were the seniors. As a surprise bonus round, a few teachers went up against the seniors, and after a very intense match they stayed undefeated. 

The next game was the Hula Run, where all grades ran around the track while picking up various hula items along the way. Whether they wore the items or carried them was up to the runners. In a surprising turn of events, the sophomores were able to place first in this game, scoring their first win. 

Caffeinate Kavcak was quite a game to witness. Teams of two threw k-cups into a large cardboard cutout of Mr. Kavcak’s mouth and in the end, juniors made it on the board with a win.

The fourth game didn’t have an official name, but it required an extreme amount of teamwork. Each grade tried tirelessly to keep the ball off of the ground, and on their feet. After an excruciating head-to-head battle, the Juniors were victorious.

In the end, the overall score proved seniors will always be the superior grade, with them scoring first place, thus resulting in the end of Spirit Week. Everyone went home with just a little bit more school spirit than usual, showing the success of our school coming together as one.