Streak Sweethearts: David Sbriscia & Kristyn Miller


When David Sbriscia and Kristyn Miller met in Ms. Haye’s 7th grade Spanish class in 2002, it was love at first sight. She saw a boy who was “attractive, outgoing, and athletic” and he saw a girl who was “cute, shy and kind.” The couple’s relationship stayed strong through favorite memories of middle school farewell dances, football games, proms, beach trips and visits to Dorney Park. “For some bizarre reason,” said David, “we did not win cutest couple in 8th grade or as a senior and it’s still bothering me.” After high school, the two got married in June 2012 after 10 years of dating. They had two children, Emily who is four, and Tucker who is two. They are also expecting a new addition to their family in May of 2023. Remaining ever involved at Warren Hills, their children will eventually attend the high school, and Kristyn is a nurse here as well. In addition, David is a high school wrestling coach and a Gym and Health teacher at the middle school. The two also enjoy taking their kids to football games.  “Everyone may doubt that a high school relationship, or in our case, a middle school relationship, can last through different colleges and all of life’s difficult events,” the couple advised, “but enjoy the high school and college years, and follow your heart and life will all work out how it is supposed to.”