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The boys’ cross-country team had a great year competitively with several students having successful meets. The team will have a lot of players returning as lone Senior Taras McBrair, who has been on the team all four years of his high school career, will be graduating. Returning players include, Junior William Carroll, Junior Joe Costa and Junior John Costa. The team was coached by head coach Kenneth Kurpat and assistant coach Robert Carroll. 
The boys’ soccer team had a decent year with a 7-11-1 record overall. The team was led by Senior captains Sean Sousa, Andrew Stanneck, Hunter Iverson and Kyle Hackney. The team ended the season with head coach Mike Quinto, he was not the coach at the beginning as the team experienced a coaching change mid-season. The team looks to rebound next season, with returning players, Junior Tyler Cornine, Junior Keiran Oullette, and Junior Sebastian Wong. 
The Field Hockey Team had an outstanding year yet again with a record of 21-2 overall (as of 11/1/17) and an undefeated conference record of 10-0. While currently ranked seventh in NJ, the girls have made multiple other achievements such as winning H/W/S and beating rival Voorhees three times in one season –a new school record. This distinguished record comes with a whole new coaching staff , including Josie Potter as head coach, Sarah Kaufman as assistant varsity, and Erica Russell as JV . With five out of the nine seniors committed to Division I, II, and III colleges, the program has lots of expansive programs that players keep up with during the off season. With a family atmosphere that keeps excelling as they work together, everyone is important to the team’s success. An array of seasoned players include leading scorer Rebecca Sigman who has a total of 28 goals and 12 assists (11/1/17), and Maggie Titus , who has 87 saves so far this season. Senior captains include Mikayla Dugan, Sydney Moskal, Tali Popinko, and Rebecca Sigman.
The football team finished the year with a record of 3-5. (still one more game) The team was led by Senior captains Cooper Gabrich, Brandon Humphrey, Niko Frasca, and Dylan Barlow. The team showed comradery and perseverance despite key injuries that took place on the field. Despite the graduating class moving on, the talent returning should be enough to propel the Streaks to a good season. It will be the second year for head coach George DiGrande, who will still be coaching Juniors Zach Hamilton, Sean Morris, Garrett Koch and others next year.
The Girls Cross Country Team had a good season with strong players, including junior Lexi Westley placing first at the Skyland Conference Championship Meet with a time of 17:54, which is the third fastest time in the course’s history. Another key player who contributed to the team’s success is junior Jayne Lewis. The small team encourages each other like a close knit family, works hard and stays dedicated even through multiple injuries this past season. Freshmen to look for next year are Joy Emisko and Amelia Vitalos. Since there are no seniors on the team, the girls will continue to have a strong season next year.
The Girls Soccer Team had a strong start to the season, but had a drop off as they ended 5-11-3. They stayed a tight-knit group throughout the season, even through multiple injuries. The outlook is good for next year as the team has lots of girls who will be returning from injuries. Key players include junior Angela Accetturo, senior Stephanie Veneziano, and junior Andrea Egerer. While the offense had a hard time scoring, the key players on defense were huge contributors to the team. Seniors include captain Brieann Dolobach, Alyssa Frisco, captain Devyn Gara, Lauren Iverson, Sarah Kelly, Ashley Marrero, Stephanie Veneziano, and Michelle Yawger.
The girl’s tennis team had a good season with a solid record of 12-6. Seniors Kiana Wiggins, Maria Martucci and Jackie Nesbeth, led the team with their dedication and hard work which built such a solid season, which was a huge improvement from last season’s record of 4-11. It was the first year for head coach Julia Henning, who looks to coach the team to another good season next fall with only two returning players, Kirsten Dorman and Morgan DeMayo.
The volleyball team has had a solid performance this past season with an overall record of 11-10. Fighting until the the last point, and keeping their heads up helped the team with placing number seven in the Skyland conference.  Changing the lineup this year with playing Hailey Ford outside while she has trained as a middle, Emily Rock was also key player as libero.  Returning players to look out for include Advika Thadoni, Georgia Hollenbeck, Danielle Marzigliano, and Emily Brundage. The strong group of seniors that will be leaving include Vivian Beaudoin, Hailey Ford, Ayah Elkashif, Liz Lea, Emily Rock, and Rosie Perna.  
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