Streak Sweethearts: Anthony Sbriscia & Michele Schaare


Bailey Van Orman, Junior Editor

Anthony “Butch” Sbriscia met Michele “Shelly” Schaare in his 10th grade year and her 8th grade year at a dance in the borough park. The two did not start dating until Butch’s senior year and Shelly’s sophomore year in 1972. “Butch was a quarterback his senior year,” says Shelly. “I didn’t pay much attention, but I remember they had a great team!” Shortly after high school, in 1975,  the two got married and honeymooned in Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. They went on to have two kids, Tifanie and Anthony, who graduated from Warren Hills in 1996 and 1998, respectively. Remaining heavily involved in the school district, Shelly began work for the superintendent’s office in 1995 and Butch began work in the maintenance department in 1999. “We’ve met many wonderful colleagues and friends and seen many outstanding graduates who continued to professional careers,” the couple said, “We both retired this year.” With a love lasting over five decades, the two advise young couples today to “share your goals and dreams and support one another as you work towards these goals. Maintain all of your other friendships and give each other space.” Some may doubt high school sweethearts due to youth, but Butch and Shelly want  young lovers to remember to “Work hard, be kind and respectful, and good things will always be your reward.”