Suite Surrender Sure To Be A “Suite” Treat!


“It is super funny and hilarious,” said Cody Jackson (Drawing by Sofia Goldfarb, courtesy of Mrs. Petrewski)

Sofia Senesie and Elisha Stenger

Do you enjoy divas and quality satirical entertainment? If so, surrender some time for a “suite” treat! Coming to Warren Hills is  Drama Club’s production of Suite Surrender!

This chaotic and amusing play will be performed on November 15, 16 and 17. Two Hollywood divas in 1942 both vie for the same glamorous room at the luxury Palm Beach Royale Hotel. The general manager, Bernard S. Dunlap, assures them he has the whole situation under control until he realizes Athena, America’s beloved “Matron of Song,”  and Claudia, “Great Star of Stage and Screen,” Hollywood’s biggest adversaries, have been placed together in the same exact room! Who will surrender?

Playing Dunlap is senior Cody Jackson, Claudia is played by junior Emma Kaiven, and Athena is played by junior Vanessa Falzarano.

“Dunlap is different than other previous roles I’ve played before because it’s more of a serious character,” said Jackson. “He’s more of an accidentally effeminate character and he’s more funny than a lot of characters I’ve played before.”

Kaiven also had insight into her character:

“I don’t usually play comedic roles,” she said. “Claudia is more dramatic and conservative than her counterpart which I think just adds to the comedy of the whole show. I like how they’re opposites.”

Falzarano said she is eager for the opportunity to bring her character to life.

“I think Athena is really similar to [my previous role as] Hettie in a lot of ways, which makes me feel a little more confident trying to portray her,” she said. “They have similar personalities, but they’re also different in a lot of ways, so I’m excited to see what I can do with that.”

Kaiven expressed her eagerness to present her role:

“I tried out for the role I got because she’s a singer and I just love singing and I think it’s one of my strongest points,” she said. “I really wanted to be able to sing.”

Each character has their one unique personality that sets them apart and this year’s leading actor/actresses are all anticipating their opening night.

But why Suite Surrender? Theatre Director Nicole Petrewski, who is new to Warren Hills (but not new to theater) weighed in on the decision:

“Normally, I would base it off of a four-year plan of like, ‘if this year we’re doing a comedy, next year we’ll do a drama,’ but since it was my first show, I wanted to do a comedy,” she said, “because I just feel like the lightheartedness of that is going to get more people in the audience. So I thought about who was in the show previously and who I had met before and if I could visualize these students performing this play.”

The cast’s overall thoughts on the play were that it is a chaotic fun play to be a part of and it is hilariously and excellently written.

So in the middle of November come see Suite Surrender at 7pm. You are sure to have a delightfully “suite” time watching this comedy.