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Leyna Stagg, Staff Reporter

Leyna Stagg is a sophomore at Warren Hills Regional High School, and this is her first year as a member of The Streak staff. She decided to take Journalism I after her English teacher recommended her to take it, and she hopes to gain more writing experience from taking Journalism. Stagg also wants to learn about different writing styles and be more involved in writing. She was born in Washington and lived there until she was 7. She then moved to Franklin Township and started to attend Franklin Township Elementary School. She has two younger sisters, one in sixth grade and the other in fourth grade. Stagg loves dogs and has two corgis named Libby and Tank. Her favorite hobbies include reading, drawing and going shopping. In the future, she would like to pursue a career path in forensics or something similar involving a career in criminal justice or as a coroner. She first became interested in forensics and careers involving criminal justice when she discovered true horror story podcasts and got into watching YouTube videos about serial killers. It really intrigued Stagg how detectives and forensic scientists use evidence to uncover all sorts of evidence. She plans to attend two years of community college to get an associate’s degree, then transfer to another school to get a bachelor's degree and possibly an even higher degree.

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Leyna Stagg