Eisner Encourages NHS Inductees to Remain Open to New Ideas


(Photo courtesy of Andrew Oakley)

Physics Teacher Ari Eisner makes a point with a dramatic hand gesture as he delivers a speech at the National Honor Society induction ceremony Dec. 1 to welcome new students to NHS and to give them an encouraging push towards a successful future. Eisner said that his speech was meant to be lighthearted but also to contain meaning. It focused on the fact that students all have ideas in their heads, and that it’s difficult to take back those ideas and believe new ones. “It’s experience that provided us with the raw material for our thoughts,” said Eisner. Experience is the layout for ideas and opinions to form, he said. The newly inducted NHS students had already gained experience from all of the qualifications they had to meet to become part of the NHS. The requirements included volunteer work, leadership roles in school and outside organizations, three positive recommendations from Warren Hills teachers and a minimum grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. NHS students chose to invite Eisner to make the speech at the annual evening induction ceremony in the high school library.