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Alana Padilla, Staff Reporter

Alana Padilla is a sophomore at Warren Hills Regional High School and is a first-year journalist with The Streak. She loves to write about things she is feeling or what she sees, and she believes that the school newspaper will help her become a better writer. Padilla is involved in Best Buddies, Glamor Girls, FFA and, starting last year, the Warren Hills Girls Bowling Team. Most importantly, she loves hanging out with her family and friends. She has a twin sister, two step brothers, and her mom and dad. She loves when she and her friends participate in activities together. Padilla admits that she hates taking tests in Chemistry and Geometry, but she loves learning Geometry. She is not in any honors classes, but she is okay with it because she likes that she learns college-level material. Her favorite pastime is to try new foods while traveling. One place she went to with her family last year was Puerto Rico, where she tried many amazing foods. In high school she is taking classes that will help lead her to becoming a physical therapist in the future.

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Alana Padilla