Case Captures Title of Mr. Warren Hills


Eight seniors take bows on the high school auditorium’s stage as part of the annual Mr. Warren Hills contest April 26. (Photo by Alana Padilla)

Senior Owen Case won the annual Mr. Warren Hills contest on the evening of April 26, while Ian Higgins earned first runner-up honors and Chris Whitehead was second runner-up.

“It was so nice to work with all of the guys, and I am so happy to have been a part of this competition,” Case said. “It was an unforgettable experience, and I’m very grateful to have won.”

The Warren Hills Student Council hosted the event in the school auditorium. Eight senior boys competed for the coveted title of Mr. Warren Hills.

The Mr. Warren Hills Committee spent many hours preparing for the event,  and I was so pleased to see all their hard work come to fruition at our full rehearsal,” said Student Council Adviser and English Teacher Penny Giamoni. “The committee and the candidates collaborated so well. I loved watching them help each other for each category and put on a fabulous show.”

Even though the event took place at the end of April, the eight contestants began practicing their opening dance under the guidance of junior Andrea Lopez in early March. 

“Working with the boys was a fun experience for me, and seeing the boys not being afraid to move was really cool,” Lopez said.

The contestants worked hard during Block B a few times a week, making sure their moves were perfect for the big night.

Contestant Shawn Redfield said he was “so excited for Mr. Warren Hills” and knew he would “have fun and enjoy the moment”

When another contestant, Anu Tisbi, was asked about his involvement, he gave an honest answer: It was definitely interesting. I got pushed out of my comfort zone, but it works. As long as the crowd likes it, I like it as well” 

While the eight participants practiced for group dances, solo lip-sync battles and other talent demonstrations, the Student Council staff worked non-stop to make sure everything ran smoothly.

“It was a great experience,” said junior Stephanie Salameh, who co-chaired the event. “We based the show on the event last year, with the addition of a lip-sync battle and a joke competition called ‘Talking Spit.’”

Giamoni said the show raised $1,265 – exceeding the goal of $1,000 – for the New Jersey State Charity IMAGINE, a grief-support center for people struggling with loss.

The judging panel consisted of Warren Hills alumni and teachers to decide who would take the crown. Class of 2022 graduates Michael Auer, Tommy Cousins and Eamonn Hammond represented the alumni, and Substitute Teacher Chip Castner, Mathematics Teacher Marshall Cuomo and Social Studies Teacher Ingrid Garofalo represented the teachers.

“I was very honored to be selected to be one of the judges,” Cuomo said. “It was very cool to see the competitors show off their talents and be able to make that play for Mr. Warren Hills. 

The 2023 Peer Leaders also had a part in this year’s event, with a dance entitled  “The Evolution of Dance,” choreographed by senior Peer Leaders Abby Lamour and Tara Nucum.

Besides the top-three places, other awards were passed out to the contestants. 

Tisbi received the title of “Mr. Phenomenon” for his talented shredding of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” on a guitar.

Redfield received two titles, “Mr. Humanity” and “Mr Silver Tongue,” for the amount of money he raised for the fundraiser and for his eloquence on stage. 

Ryan Cagnassola won the title of “Mr. Mic” for his Frank Sinatra impression, prompting judge Cuomo to tell Sinatra’s reputation to “step aside, we have Cagnassola now.”