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Alan Freeman
Alan Freeman Jr. If you hear this name in school or anywhere in Warren County, many thoughts may come to your head. Freeman is a well-known student athlete who attends Warren Hills Regional High School. He devotes much of his time to basketball and the rest to school, work and family.

Many are unaware of what Freeman’s daily life is like. To begin, he attends school. Education is very important to him. Although at times he may slack, he’s aware that school is his priority and takes pride and advantage of his academics

After school, Freeman’s next task he faces is basketball. Some may see this as just a sport, but Freeman sees it otherwise. For him basketball is a lifestyle. It’s an opportunity to free college and possibly a future career. He’s influenced by his father, Alan Freeman Sr., who also played basketball here at Warren Hills. In fact, Freeman and his team won the conference last season, 2018-2019, and the last time Warren Hills won the conference was with Freeman’s father in 1993.

It may seem as if Freeman lives a perfect life. He is 6’ feet 2 inches tall, brown skin, attractive, dresses well, plays ball and is a likeable person in every aspect. But behind the perfect picture displayed of Freeman’s life, he still faces much conflict just like any other teen in today’s world.

Freeman is still unaware of what college, he will attend but he desires to major in political science. To conclude, Freeman is a hard working kid who has a job despite his school and sports schedule. He’s a very respectful young man who has a bright future.

Alan Freeman, Staff Reporter

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Alan Freeman