Socialized Healthcare: Con


There is no getting around the fact that healthcare is expensive and unattainable for the lower and lower middle classes, but to have the government fund free universal healthcare would be a grave mistake. 

The government has a history of selling its citizens short and focusing money on superfluous issues instead of the things that are truly important.

The financial advising company Intuit  reports that a universal healthcare system, “may limit costly services that have a low probability of success.” 

Riskier procedures with chances of success, albeit small, that could give a new life to someone who otherwise may be living in misery, are likely to be shot down.

If you’re on the government’s dime, it is unrealistic to expect them to pay top dollar. 

As the government tries to reduce the cost of healthcare, the standard of care will also decrease. A ride in an ambulance may cost thousands of dollars without health insurance, but with universal health insurance, the vehicle itself is likely to not be in the best of condition, as there may be no money to maintain it. 

Other nations with socialized healthcare, “ration health care using methods such as controlled distribution, budgeting, price setting, and service restrictions,” as reported by Britannica’s website.

Doesn’t the idea of a government budgeting for life- saving procedures and restricting services seem a bit unsettling? 

Through socialized healthcare, the government decides who is worthy of what procedures and when. 

 According to a Government Accountability Office report, “9.4% of Medicaid beneficiaries have had trouble obtaining necessary care due to long wait times, versus 4.2% of people with private health insurance.”

This means that due to inevitably long wait times for procedures, the government would decide your place in line. Those who are older may wait longer for procedures as they are deemed more disposable.

Make no mistake. Everyone should have access to healthcare and no one should be in debt paying for procedures that they need to live.

 Ultimately, however, there is no need for everyone to have the same healthcare plan. The rich will purchase private healthcare anyway and the taxes of those who aren’t millionaires shouldn’t be paying for the socialized healthcare the rich aren’t using. 

Everyone has a right to healthcare, but there’s no need to give more to those who don’t need it while taking away from those who do.