Howey Does He Do It?


Michael Howey in his junior year of high school (above) versus him now (below). That smile hasn’t changed! (Photos courtesy of Michael Howey)

A Roxbury history teacher and yet a Warren Hills  coach of three sports? 

Meet Michael Howey, Class of 1986 Hills alum and former student-athlete himself. 

Beginning his career at Warren Hills in 1982, Howey was a part of the 1983 football team that was inducted into the Blue Streak Hall of Fame  in 2003 and made the First Team  All-Conference in 1984.  Howey also played basketball, but it is clear that football was his main game.

After high school, Howey went on to have an incredibly successful football career at Moravian University (then Moravian College), going so far as to set seven school records during his time at the school before graduating in 1991. 

“I didn’t really choose to play football in college, it kind of chose me,” he said. “I was contacted by a college coach to go to Moravian and play football.”

As noted on the Moravian University athletics website, Howey’s career is nothing short of incredible. He was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame in 2003, with “61 season receptions, 140 career receptions, 1,203 season receiving yards, 2,699 career receiving yards, 18 career receiving touchdowns, 21.8 yards per reception in a season, and 67.5 receiving yards per game in a career.” 

Even after all of these accomplishments, Howey remains humble about his achievements and turned his focus towards his career.

 Howey said he has “always enjoyed teaching, coaching and being around kids and young adults.”

He has taught at Roxbury High School since 2000 and been coaching for even longer than that. 

“Most of those years, I coached three sports,” he said, “All of this coaching was as an assistant, but this year is my first time being head coach [for girl’s basketball]. There is much more responsibility, but I am enjoying the challenges.” 

Of these challenges, the toughest thing about coaching, he said, is “finding the middle ground between pushing the athletes so they can find their true potential and them still enjoying coming to practice every day. I am still working on that.” 

When asked about a best or favorite memory, Howey said that he “can’t point to a single moment. I enjoy each season and each year with the experiences and the memories they bring.”

Outside of coaching and teaching, Howey is ever on the move.

“I have always enjoyed being active and playing sports,” he said. “Even now I find it hard to stay still for too long, always wanting to be outside hiking, fishing, doing yard work, etcetera.” 

Howey said that ultimately, he wants athletes to be grateful for the experiences they are able to have as a part of their teams. 

“Competing in sports is something that should not be taken for granted. You should see it as a gift and make the most of the opportunities you have each and every day,” he said. “Compete in practice as you would in games. Push yourself and your teammates to be the best you can be.”