Poets Take Center Stage at Poetry SLAM


(Photo by Anaya Martinez)

Anaya Martinez, Staff Reporter

English Teacher Carmello Chiara reads out his comical poem “The Devil Made Me Do It,” earning laughter from students and teachers Dec. 20. Chiara’s poem was based on an incident he had experienced when he was an elementary school student. His poem was part of the Horizons Student Literary and Art Magazine (SLAM) club’s poetry-reading event held in the school’s library. Participants could read their own poems, which they were asked to submit to the club in advance, to their fellow students and teachers during the three lunch periods Tuesday, Dec. 20. Students and teachers were also encouraged to read poems written and published by someone else, if they did not have their own poems to share. The Poetry SLAM was designed to give people a voice and a way to express their emotions and thoughts. The Horizons SLAM club meets every other Thursday. Members get together to create their own poems to share with each other or to learn from other writers’ pieces from around the world. “We have quite a few students meet every other Thursday to do some writing, share writing, enjoy poetry and enjoy various forms of writing,” said Library/Media Specialist Margaret Devine, faculty adviser to Horizons SLAM. Students interested in joining Horizons SLAM may receive more information from Devine in the library.