WH Restarts Annual Blood Drive After 3-Year Break


(Photo by Priscilla Lucci)

Meghan Daniel and Priscilla Lucci

Health-care professionals from Miller-Keystone Blood Center draw blood from volunteer student donors in the school library Dec. 6. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Warren Hills had been unable to complete a blood drive since the start of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the work of seniors Gabby Fama, Olivia Hopek, and Ivanna Viznovych, who are organizers of the event, Warren Hills Regional High School was able to complete its first blood drive since the fall of 2019. “I am very excited to see the turnout for this year’s annual blood drive,” Fama said. “It is so important to donate blood if you are able because you have the ability to save lives.” Other event organizers included English Teacher Kristen Chiara, junior Bogdana Viznovych, senior Jasmine Evans, and junior Peyton Bigelow, all of whom said they were beyond thrilled with the turnout.