Harry Styles is King of The Garden


If you can’t catch a live performance, watch Styles as a devoted but devious husband in Don’t Worry Darling or amorous but fearful policeman in My Policeman. (Photo courtesy of @liamg516 on Twitter)

Bailey Van Orman, Hills Happenings Editor

Pop star glam rocker Harry Styles recently sold out a 15-show run at Madison Square Garden. The residency ran late August through late September, allowing over 300,000 fans  to see him  perform his Love on Tour.  

Styles, whose top hits include “As it Was”, “Watermelon Sugar” and “Late Night Talking” is most renowned for his engaging and audience-participation style. 

After releasing his highly-anticipated third album. Harry’s House, in May, Styles embarked on the EU/UK leg of Love on Tour, in June and July. 

Upon his return to the states in August,  Styles was met with open arms by his devoted American fans.

Due to the residency style of this tour, playing a multitude of shows in one city for a few weeks at a time, Styles had the fans come to him  instead of the other way around. New York was tied with Los Angeles for having the most number of shows (15), followed by Austin and Chicago (6), and Toronto (2). 

“[This is the] thirteenth show at Madison Square Garden!” he proclaimed on the evening of September 14, and the crowd erupted into cheers. “Please feel free to be whoever it is you’ve always wanted to be in this room tonight.” 

Whether it was your first show with him ever, the second, or even the tenth this tour, every time he comes on stage Styles delivers an unmatched performance loaded with charisma, energy, and passion, atop of a setlist filled with chart-topping songs.

Beginning with his song, “Daydreaming,” Styles played a set including  new songs such as “Cinema,” “Satellite” and “Little Freak” but also included old fan-favorites such as “Treat People With Kindness” and “Kiwi.”

Not many artists can command an audience and make everyone from the top to the bottom of an arena feel like they are all equally as important and seen during a show with over 10,000 people. This is something Styles has mastered. 

“This is my favorite thing to do,” he said, “to be on this stage to get to play for you, I am so so thankful, all of you, thank you so much for being here tonight.” 

While performing in NYC, Styles did not limit himself to staying there. On September 5 he attended the Venice Film Festival for the premiere screening of his film, Don’t Worry Darling, and on September 11 he jetted off to Canada for the Toronto International Film Festival to attend the premiere of his other film, My Policeman. 

Through it all, jet lag and packed schedule included, Styles managed to execute each and every show flawlessly. Currently, Styles stands alone in the industry in terms of performance, with all of his shows being a cut above the rest. If presented with the opportunity to attend one, go!

“Now, New York,” he said as he ended the show, “I have a question. Are you ready to go home?” 

What the crowd yelled next was a surprise to no one. 

“Nooooooooo!!” they screamed.