Peer Leaders Dance at Mr. Warren Hills

Bailey Van Orman, Staff Reporter

During intermission for the Mr. Warren Hills competition March 11, the Warren Hills Peer Leaders performed a dance to a medley of songs from Disney Channel Original Movies of their youth. “It was very chaotic at first since nobody was really into it at the start,” said senior Peer Leader Taryn Faccenda. “But once we got the ball rolling, it went pretty smoothly.” The dance number was choreographed by senior Peer Leader Laura Grobholz, who is a dancer herself. The dance spanned around five minutes and included songs from classic Disney Channel movies such as High School Musical, Teen Beach Movie, Camp Rock and a few others. Though learning the dance was hectic, it turned out to be a wonderful and fun way to add to the Mr. Warren Hills fun and to provide the audience with some extra entertainment during the evening.