First Ever Miss Warren Hills Crowned

Bella Scott, Staff Reporter

Eleven contestants from the March 11 Mr. Warren Hills contest pay homage to senior Katherine “Katey” McLaughlin (center), who was recognized as the first ever Miss Warren Hills due to the hard work she put into producing the annual event for the Student Council. During the end-of-show crowning of the winners of the Mr. Warren Hills competition, Student Council Advisor Emily Kablis made a special announcement that the Student Council was honoring McLaughlin for the effort she put into ensuring that the Mr. Warren Hills contest would go smoothly. “This young lady put her all into working on this,” Kablis said, adding that McLaughlin would be the first Miss Warren Hills in school history. McLaughlin responded to this unexpected coronation by stating, “I’m very honored to be the first Miss Warren Hills, and I’m so blessed to have worked with such amazing contestants and could not be prouder of what we accomplished.” The senior contestants of Mr. Warren Hills, including overall winner Ryan Galka, then engulfed McLaughlin in a group hug and applauded her hard work.