New Jersey Bags the Bags: Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing


Chris Campbell

Plastic bags being banned in New Jersey will more than likely prevent further pollution, such as plastic bags being caught in trees, waterways and other parts of the environment.

Roisin McCluskey, Staff Reporter

Recently, plastic bags at retail stores and other public places have been outlawed in New Jersey. This is an important step to saving our planet.
State governments are finally taking action against the harmful effects of plastic bags on the environment. New Jersey is one of the latest, enforcing a ‘plastic bag ban’ which went into effect on May 4.
Reusable bags are now only available for purchase, as well as single-use plastic bags available to purchase elsewhere; single-use plastic bags are no longer provided for free.
Conserving the planet is one of the most important things to be done, especially in the twenty-first century. In fact, it should be a priority for people to protect the very thing that sustains their lives. Banning single-use plastic bag distribution is a step in the right direction concerning saving the planet.
Plastic bags and other plastics have been destroying the environment since plastic was invented in 1862. The United Nations Environment Programme spoke on the issues of plastic in a 2018 article revised and updated in December 2021, stating that plastics of all kinds can produce harmful chemicals that harm the ecosystem, including “[seeping] into groundwater,” thus harming the species that consume such water.
It’s a known fact that plastic takes a very long time to decompose when it is left as litter in the environment. Plastic bags themselves are lightweight and easy to forget about; in fact, there are probably several on the school property right now.
With the state of pollution in the world in this day and age, this should be considered a big step in trying to revive our beautiful planet. However, the plastic bag ban is sparking controversy across the state.
Some pet owners may be concerned about how they will pick up after their pets. Typically, this is done with single-use plastic bags that have been acquired from their local retailers. As previously stated, the single use plastic bags will be available to purchase; for example, they can be bought from Amazon. Another alternative would be compostable bags, which can also be used to throw away food.
Another concern is shopping itself. People are concerned about what they will use to pick up groceries and run errands. Reusable plastic bags are available at many retailers across the state to lessen pollution. As well as this, paper bags can be used, which is a separate concern in itself.
While paper bags are also not available, they can be brought from home. They are certainly another pollutant next to plastic bags, but they are a much better option. Paper itself is more biodegradable than plastic, and is therefore more easily recycled.
Everyone should be taking a bigger part in saving the environment and now that plastic bags are banned, people will notice. and should start caring. What readers need to do is to support the ban, and take part in saving the planet in other ways. Once everyone starts participating, the world will be a better place. Together, everyone can make a difference, so everyone should start small with this big sacrifice.