Intelligent Design – Pro


Intelligent Design, the scientific belief that life on Earth is so complex that it must have been designed by a supernatural entity, should be taught alongside the theory of evolution in schools.
Darwinian evolution is taught in all schools across the country, often spurring controversy since not all agree with the theory. Macroevolution, the theory stating that all life evolved from a single-celled organism which formed out of primordial ooze millions of years ago, holds scant scientific evidence, but has a preponderance of evidence to go against it.
There are many growing concerns about the viability of Darwinian evolution.
The universe is so complex that Darwinian theory of evolution cannot begin to explain how the world and the human brain are so intricate. The theory of intelligent design, however, forms its basis on the idea that we were specifically designed by a creator, providing an explanation for the complexity of this world.
In order to understand the possible origin of the universe, it is important to look at the facts that support these theories.
According to American astronomer Edwin Hubble and his redshift discovery, the universe had a beginning. According to the eighteenth century theologian al-Ghazali’s Kalam cosmological argument, “everything that begins to exist has a cause”, and therefore the universe must have a cause. This cause must be outside of the universe and must be capable of generating all the matter and energy in the universe as well as all the order, like laws of physics, nature and morality. In other words, it must be a very powerful being.
The fine tuning of the universe indicates precise measurements in our world. This is evident in things such as DNA, coded information similar to what you find on a computer program. Information always arises from a mind, not from random chance. DNA is so elaborate that it is impossible for it to have been made without some sort of intelligence behind it.
The book titled Darwin’s Doubt by Stephen C. Meyer considers the nature of animals and how only intelligent design can explain the abrupt origin of animal life in the fossil record.
Intelligent design, just like evolution, is a historic theory based on a preponderance of evidence, not just on the deficiency within the theory of evolution.
Teaching the theory of intelligent design in schools alongside the theory of evolution should be allowed considering all of the scientific evidence behind it. It will give students the opportunity to see all possible occurrences for the creation of the universe and allow them to make their own decision based on all of the information.