Practice Makes Perfect for WH Drama Club


Roisin McCluskey, Staff Reporter

The student cast of One Stoplight Town works toward perfection from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 4 in a rehearsal only days before opening night. Most of the cast and crew were able to attend the rehearsal and make it through the entirety of the annual fall play with lighting and sound cues, minus microphones. The play, a sentimental and comic portrayal of people who live in a small town, was open to the public for performances Nov. 11 to 13. For many of the cast and crew members, the rehearsal and the three public performances were worth the effort. “I think it was successful because it was a longer set time to practice our lines, blocking, etc.,” said sophomore Adrian Wolfe. “In my opinion, that is when we actually started to see the development in everyone’s acting, and also the development of our portrayal of the message behind One Stoplight Town.” The next big project for the Drama Club will be preparation for the spring musical, Mamma Mia! (Photo by Giovanni Bucca)