Megan McGaha Finds Her Niche as Market Manager


During the COVID-19 lockdown, Megan was able to continue working for Cherrybrook from home, alongside her dog, Rory, a mini Australian Shepherd, and Pusschief, a barn cat, whom Megan says is a great mouser. (Photo courtesy of Megan McGaha)

Megan Gill, In Depth Editor

Warren Hills alumna Megan McGaha has been working at Cherrybrook Pet Supplies as marketing manager for the last year. She oversees design, coordinates promos and schedules marketing.

McGaha graduated in 2015 and started her marketing career in 2016.

“I fell into social media marketing when I was working as an office assistant at Maschio’s Food Services in 2016,” said McGaha. “I ran daily Facebook and Instagram advertisements for a subsidiary barbecue restaurant in South Florida.”

When McGaha left Maschio’s, she spent a year freelancing and working part time design jobs, which led her to Cherrybrook.

While at Warren Hills, McGaha said that some of her favorite classes were the 21st Century courses. 

“I really enjoyed the 21st Century classes [such as] Journalism with Mrs. McKinney, Theater with Mr. Platt and Film with Mr. Patricia,” she said.  “I also really enjoyed my art classes and other electives because it gave me the chance to interact with students outside of my grade that I typically wouldn’t get to know in core classes.”

McGaha also reminisced on how some of her best memories were “spending time in Journalism and on Literary Magazine, interviewing our classmates and always being around for school events like the fall play, spring musical, Mr. Warren Hills, library showcases and decorating the alcoves for Student Council.”

She said that high school had properly prepared her for her current profession due to the equipment used in school.

“Learning the Adobe Creative Suite programs has been a critical step in my career and helped take me in a direction beyond writing,” she said. “I wouldn’t have been able to pursue the same career path without them.” 

McGaha also said she enjoys the social aspects of her job.

“I think it’s really cool that my classmate, Danielle Sykora and her guide dog, Thai, are customers of ours who interact with us on social media,” she said.

McGaha said the help she receives in her current job has been very beneficial, as she is no longer alone with her work.

“My favorite thing about my current job is that I finally have help,” she said. “In all of my previous roles, including my current one, I’ve had co-workers who have started families or changed jobs, and I’ve always been left to handle everything alone, which can be overwhelming when unexpected circumstances come up, like a death in the family, or just being sick.”

McGaha also said  she feels happy that all Cherrybrook customers receive quality products because “everything is tested and vetted before it hits our shelves, and I like knowing that all of our customers are receiving high-quality products.”

For students who are interested in pursuing a similar career path, McGaha said the most critical element to success is confidence.

“Don’t ever underestimate yourself,” she said. “There are opportunities everywhere and you’ll never know how you stack up until you dive in.”