Storm Warning: Marching Band Stormed the Competition Field


Drum Major Joyce Lin (left) and Assistant Drum Major Emma Sloan (right) showing their eyes with pride at their award. (Photo by Sofia Senesie)

Sofia Senesie, A&E Editor

Did you feel the lightning and the thunder? A storm came this fall at the hands of the Blue Streak Marching Band, and the storm only grew stronger.

In May 2019, Band Director Jason Graf announced the 2019-2020 show theme: Storm Warning.

Many of the members felt the theme matched well with school spirit.

“We’re the Blue Streaks,” said Drum Major Joyce Lin, “so it’s perfect.”

Band Director Jason Graf said he selected the theme because he wanted one that blended well with who we are as a school.

“I chose the theme Storm Warning because it tied in with our mascot and school spirit,” he said.

Marching with waves of school pride, the band stormed the competition field once again this season. Their scores from competition to competition were on the rise.

In total, Marching Band competed in four local competitions plus the U.S. Band State Competition.

According to Graf, their score had gone up 12.57 points from 71.45 to 84.02 out of 100 from beginning to end of the competition season.

During their first competition at Hunterdon Central Regional High School,    the band scored second place, while at their second competition at Lenape Valley Regional High School,  they scored first.

During their third competition at Phillipsburg, Warren Hills Marching Band took first, and in the final local competition at North Warren Regional High School, they took second.

Drumline and Color Guard were a force to be reckoned with. Drumline, carrying over from last year,  had 11 consecutive wins, and the Color Guard ended the season with nine.

Returning Warren Hills alumnus, Mason Kurre (‘18), now a director of the drumline,  shared his goals for the season.

“My goal was to help them improve their understanding of the music and overall skill,” said Kurre. “The drumline has definitely improved when it comes to technique, dynamics, and other aspects of the music. And their scores have increased for every competition.”

Percussion senior Joe Carey was ecstatic to receive best percussion continuously throughout the season.

“As a Drumline member, I have definitely grown as a percussionist,” said Carey. “Getting ‘best percussion’ at competitions is a recognition of my, and my fellow drummers’, hard work. It feels amazing.”

Since the 2017-2018 show, iBand, Color Guard has been on a steady rise to improvement with their consistent winnings of best guard.

“Since iBand, everyone has begun to take it more seriously,” said Color Guard Director Nicole Clark. “My goal is for everyone to continue improving their skills while also having fun in the process.”

As the season drew to a close, leading up to their USBands States competition, some of the band’s seniors were not ready to end the season just yet.

“My biggest regret of Marching Band is not joining earlier in my high school career,” said Carey. “The memories, the experience, and the skills I have gained will last for years. Now that I’m a senior, part of me wishes the season will never end. I’m going to miss it, but I know I’ll carry this experience with me throughout life.”

The band scored third place in their division at their USBands States competition.

Graf said he was proud of all the improvement the band has made throughout the season.

“I’m very proud of everyone. I think that from previous years, everyone has put in a lot more,” said Graf. “Everyone is working together rather than one person carrying the whole band. Overall, I’m happy with how the season turned out.”