Drama Club Presents … The Bold, the Young, and the Murdered


The Cast of the Fall Play: Playing the soap opera characters, as well as their own characters are: Sophomore Wesley Reyes as Jake Strong/Morris Nyborg; Senior Iyan Kariuki as Sebastian Strong/Bill Wiley; Junior Henry Goodnick as Valencio Di Carpathio/John Burke; Senior Elijah Camacho as Doctor William Bradley/Tyler Tripodo; Junior Emily Gilligan as Mona Jeffries/Cybil Dane; Senior Vanessa Falzarano as Eileen Silvertedt/Amy White; Sophomore Julianne Magistrado as Jessica Silverstedt/Danielle Farris; Junior Ellie Higgins as Sequoiya/Lily Baumgartner. Playing the roles of the soap opera staff are: Junior Carlee Fisco as Oli, the director; Senior Alex Lino as Kaitlin, the stage manager; Senior Emma Kaiven as Keri, the intern; Junior Dani Gilbert as Brooke, the camerawoman; Juniors Samantha Lewis and Amy Twohig as Miles/Mary, the producer.

Sofia Senesie, A&E Editor

If you’re a fan of murder-mysteries, comedy, and soap operas, this year’s fall play is for you. Drama Club presents The Bold, The Young, and The Murdered by Don Zolidis.

In this comedy, the cast of  a soap opera entitled,  Bold and The Young, have until the end of the night to finish their episode before the show and the cast get killed off — literally.

As the scenes switch from the set of the soap opera to the actors’ personal lives in a play within a play style, audiences are sure to remain riveted.

Theater Director Nicole Labrit-Petrewski said she selected the play because of the striking variety of characters.

“I was looking for something that had a flexible cast and allowed for students to be pushed as actors.  The play has many characters that are all vastly different from one another,” said Petrewski.  “Most of the cast is playing two parts⸺ a soap opera star and their actual character.”

With this  many roles, Petrewski said she cast 15 people, including understudies and a dual role.

Overall, cast members said they are both challenged and thrilled to be  playing more than one role.

“My character literally plays about four characters in one, so being able to play and switch around the different characters has been so much fun,” said senior Emma Kaiven, who will be playing the role of the intern, Keri, a character with multiple personalities. “Finding different nuances and habits each character has and playing around with different voices has made the whole rehearsal process much more interesting.”

Junior Emily Gilligan, who will be playing the roles of Mona Jeffries and Cybil Dane, agreed.

“I have been lucky enough to play the old lady on the Warren Hills stage for the 3rd time,” she said. “This role, however, has challenged me to develop a character unlike any other. It has allowed me a lot of creative freedom and the ability to truly be a cuckoo old lady.”

Junior Henry Goodnick, who will be playing the roles of Valencio Di Carpthio and John Burke,  shared a similar view.

“Between Valencio’s accent and John’s grumbly, crotchety tone, I’m loving all of it,” he said. “The challenge of having to distinguish an evil, Eastern Ukranian criminal mastermind from a grumpy old man who wants soup is extremely fun.”

Senior Elijah Camacho, who is new to the district,  but not to theatre, will  be  making his debut on the Warren Hills stage as Dr. William Bradley and Tyler Tripodo,  also said he finds playing two roles an exciting challenge.

“It is interesting to play a character who is so self-absorbed and shallow,” he said, “then switching to the charismatic and villainous character of Dr. William, who is more likely to steal your kidneys than actually help you.”

For Senior Vanessa Falzarano, who has graced the Warren Hills stage since she was a freshman and will be playing the roles of Eileen Silverstedt and Amy White,  The Bold, The Young, and The Murdered is zany fun.

“This play is all over the place. You get to see so many characters and their soap opera characters and all the connections between them,” she said.  “It’s also hectic because people keep getting murdered and nobody is really doing anything about it.”

For senior Alexandra Lino, who will be playing a sole role of the stage manager, Kaitlin, the play itself is plenty.

“This play is not like normal plays,” said Lino. “There is a lot of changes in scenery, changes in the characters personalities and a lot of mysteries that need to be solved, but overall it is funny and really entertaining!”