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Cullen Tiger

Cullen Tiger is a senior at Warren Hills Regional High School. He has lived in Washington his entire life. He went to Taylor Street School, Memorial Elementary School, and then to the Warren Hills District. As a young child, Cullen loved sports, and he would tell you that his grandmother and father were the ones that got him to love sports. Cullen is a huge Yankee fan and has been one since for his whole life, all thanks to his grandmother and father brainwashing “Yankees” into his head ever since he was very young. Baseball was his favorite sport for the longest time until he went to middle school. When Cullen went into middle school, he started to fall in love with basketball. Basketball became his number one hobby, and also his favorite sport to watch. Another hobby of Cullen’s is drumming. His father and older brother are drummers. Cullen is a self- taught drummer. At a young age, Cullen, would randomly decide to go and play the drums. He started to play every day since seventh grade and has gotten very good since then. This is a hobby that he loves because not too many kids play drums. This being his last year of high school, Cullen is planning on going to college for Journalism, Communications, and Sports Media. His dream job is to get a job at ESPN.

Cullen Tiger, Staff Reporter

Jan 14, 2020
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Cullen Tiger