13 Student-Athletes Commit at Signing Day


Back Row Left to Right: Joe O’Leary, Cody Miller, Michael Drasik, Ryan Lundy, Jarett Pantuso, Luke Dugan. Front Row Left to Right Macy Pagano, Carolyn Brown, Bridget McGrath. Madeline Moreno, Izabel Metelski, Madison McKenna, Lyla Wiggins. (Photo courtesy of Michael Jones)

Thirteen college- bound athletes were recognized on Signing Day in early May for their futures as college players.  Division II and  Division III athletes from all sports were in attendance. 

Out of these thirteen athletes, there are two field hockey players, four wrestlers, two cheerleaders, one track and field player, one baseball  player, one lacrosse player, one golfer and one softball player.  

Honorees included: Carolyn Brown, who will play field hockey at Drew University; Michael Drazek, who will wrestle at  Rochester Institute of Technology; Luke Dugan, who will play lacrosse at Fairleigh Dickinson University; Ryan Lundy, who will wrestle for Heidelberg University; Bridget McGrath, who will join the Track and Field team at Nova Southeastern University; Madison McKenna, who will cheer for Sacred Heart University; Izabel Metelski, who will cheer for the University of Delaware; Cody Miller, who will join the baseball team at Northampton Community College;  Madeline Moreno, who will play field hockey  at Hood College; Joseph O’Leary, who will join the golf team at  Fairleigh Dickinson University; Macy Pagano, who will play  softball  at Johnson and Wales University; Jarett Pantuso, who will wrestle  for  East Stroudsburg University; and Layla Wiggins, who will join the wrestling team at Ursinus College. 

On signing day each student-athlete was accompanied by their family members, Principal Christopher Kavcak, Superintendent Earl C. Clymer III and Athletic Director Michael Jones. Many also had their high school coaches there to support them as well. They each received a shirt once done signing and taking pictures for the school. 

One of the students, Madeline Moreno, said, “The experience was cool and it was nice seeing all the other future college athletes.”

These athletes aren’t just focused on playing sports, though, as they all have plans to study in different fields of work. 

Carolyn Brown, for instance, said she hopes to be a math teacher and plans on going through Drew’s education master’s program and earning her master’s degree in just five years. She also said this was the reason she wanted to go to Drew in the first place and field hockey was something she decided on after attending one of their clinics. 

Others found their future college for other reasons. Ryan Lundy said having a former teammate at Heidelberg is what helped him decide. Others, like Michael Drazek, agreed that they liked their school and their teams a lot. 

Along with choosing their school, they all seem to have their majors figured out, each with their own reasoning behind them. 

Cody Miller plans on studying sports medicine because he likes learning how the body works and hopes to be a personal trainer in his future. Moreno plans to major in accounting, having fallen in love with her high school accounting classes with Ms. Setzer. Macy Pagano wants to study psychology because in her future she wants to be comforting and helpful to others. Bridget McGrath also fell in love with her AP Biology class and loves seeing how the world works and wants to know more about which led to her major in biology. 

Regardless of their major, their sport, or their chosen college, The Streak staff wishes all 13 of these student-athletes the best of luck with both their careers as students and as athletes. 

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