Bleacher Feature: Coach Bublitz


Megan Bublitiz stands on the sideline shouting out directions to one of her players. (Photo courtesy of Cindy Daniel)

If you’ve ever seen a Girls’ Lacrosse game, chances are you’ve seen Coach Megan Bublitz on the sideline. She’s a middle school health and physical education teacher who’s now also a coach. She currently is the assistant Girls Soccer coach, assistant Girls Basketball coach, and the head Girls Lacrosse coach. 

Having grown  up in an athletic family, Bublitz is no stranger to sports. Sports were part of her life from early on and after trying numerous activities, it was soccer and basketball that stuck. 

Bublitz played soccer and basketball all four years at Mount Olive High School, graduating in 2011. She was voted captain of both sports and made various all-county teams. 

During her junior year, her varsity soccer team made it to the state tournament for the first time and they won their first state game in her senior year. Bublitz said requirements were different back then, so qualifying for the state tournament and winning a game was an especially big deal. 

Though Bublitz had many different coaches during  her time as an athlete, she said it was her high school freshman soccer coach who made the biggest impact. She said she  had heard a lot about how tough the coach was prior to her first season. Only a few days into the season, she found out those rumors were true.

“I appreciate her tough nature now,” Bublitz said, “for how much she made us push and motivate each other.” 

Bublitz’s plan after high school was to be recruited for basketball at East Stroudsburg University (ESU), but towards the end of her senior year in high school,  she suffered a knee injury. The injury was severe enough to require surgery and stopped her from playing sports for a while. She got the surgery after her first semester at college, and after working hard at rehab,  she made the ESU basketball team. 

Unfortunately, during a morning workout, Bublitz later  suffered a back injury that would ultimately end her playing days all together.

Before  Warren Hills, Bublitz  taught at Byram Intermediate School for one year. That same year she coached girls basketball at Randolph High School. 

Now at Warren Hills, Bublitz considers there to be many highlights of her coaching career. She said she feels  fortunate to have been a  part of many wins, ranging from regular seasons to state championships. 

Bublitz said she incorporates things she learned from all her previous coaches, but also likes to put her own stamp on things and bring in her own style to whatever team she is a part of. 

When asked her favorite thing about coaching, Bublitz said, “The impact sports and athletics can have on an individual player, a team, a school and a community.”

Bublitz also wishes to pass on advice to her student athletes. 

“Being a student-athlete is a privilege,” she said. “Take full advantage of the time you have to play, the opportunities it can present you and the lessons sports can teach you on and off the playing field.”