Caps Off to Retirees: Mrs. Setzer


Sharyn Setzer has been teaching Business and Accounting classes for 37 years, with two of those years at Delaware Valley Regional High School and the rest at Warren Hills.

Setzer said her Advanced Accounting professor, Dr. Creasy, was a large inspiration in her deciding to become a teacher. 

“He made accounting exciting, and one could really tell he enjoyed teaching,” she said. 

Setzer said while she had often thought that teaching was a “calling,” it took Dr. Creasy to make her see the light. 

“I believe this is the career that is right for me,” she said.

Setzer said one of her favorite memories is of the day  she came to Warren Hills  for her job interview. She said she drove into Washington to get a feel for the area, and while walking around, she realized that it felt the same as the town  she grew up in. 

  “I knew I had found the place I was meant to be,” she said.

Throughout her years of teaching, Setzer said she has  found that each student is memorable, but for different reasons. 

“Some made me laugh, some made me work really hard to gain their respect, some ‘blossomed’ into promising students and great people,” she said. “And one broke my finger.”

Setzer said she has seen a lot of changes throughout her 35 years at Warren Hills, recalling when there were only 600 students, making it easier for everyone to know one another. 

“We didn’t have computers,” she said. “I taught typing on typewriters, and we wrote everything with chalk on blackboards.”

A frequent topic of conversation  in Setzer’s classes is where she stands on grading.

“Keeping up with papers is always a challenge,” she said. “I’m never caught up. While I will miss many things about teaching, I will not miss grading papers.”

When asked about advice for students who want to pursue a career in teaching,  Setzer said they should go for it. 

“Teaching is so rewarding and meaningful,” she said.  “There is no other career like it.”