Warren Hills Juniors Dress To Impress At Prom


Fashion-conscious Warren Hills students attending last year’s Junior Prom step out of a stretch limousine at The Architects Golf Club in Phillipsburg. (Photo courtesy of Heather Wight)

o many high school students, prom is a significant point in their lives. How will students of Warren Hills Regional High School choose the “right dress” or the “right suit” for their “perfect prom”? 

“I knew my dress was the one I wanted as soon as I tried it on because of the color and the design,” said junior Peyton Bigelow. “I had been looking for something blue, and when I saw the specific color of the dress, I knew it would be perfect.” 

This year’s Junior Prom for the junior class is scheduled for Friday, April 28, at The Architects Golf Club, Phillipsburg. 

A lot of thought about color, design, style and length can go into choosing a dress. 

The same has been true for several generations of American high school students. Historians indicate that proms started nationally in 1928 to celebrate high school and college students’ academic excellence. Proms were considered a way of helping teenagers mature by encouraging them to wear fancy ball gowns and tuxedos, and to let go of all of the hardships from the academic year. 

Today, proms are a way for students to step out of their comfort zones and wear something new, or to have fun with friends by dancing the night away. 

Preparing for prom can be a stressful time. Not only must prom-goers choose a dress, but they must pick a color, apply makeup, arrange their hair, and purchase or rent shoes and other accessories. 

“The process of finding a dress was pretty difficult,” said junior Rylee Rhinehart. “I had to schedule an appointment at a boutique to finally find a dress in my size. I went to stores and many malls just to find nothing, over and over again. As for my hair, I think I want to do a half-up-half-down with a braid so my hair is pulled back, but still down so I am able to curl it.” 

During prom, boys’ fashions are often overlooked. Boys seem generally laid back during the prom season, whether or not they plan to attend prom with a date. 

When a couple decides to go to prom together, they usually decide to match.

“For prom, I am just wearing a tight-fitted suit with a pretty standard style,” said junior T.J. Kachala, who will be  accompanied by Rhinehart at prom. 

Boys picking a suit for prom can be tough. There is the decision to go with a more standard black tuxedo, or to choose a suit style that most people have never seen before.

“This year, I am pretty sure I am going to wear a red suit,” junior Evan Matthew said. “I have never seen someone wear an all red suit at prom, so I thought it would be new and different.”

In addition, there is a tradition about boys asking girls to prom, and although it can be the other way around, “promposals” are typically grand.

Kachala decided to surprise Rhinehart by asking her to prom at the last school pep rally Feb. 24. In front of a crowd of more than 1,000 people, he held up a sign that asked Rhinehart to the prom.

“I really wanted to surprise Rylee, and I feel like she would have least expected it at the pep rally,” Kachala said. “I wanted everyone to see and be surprised when I did it.”