Select Choir Presents Cabaret Night


Ian Higgins and Connor Farrington singing “Lily’s Eyes” during Cabaret Night. They also each sang a song separately and were a part of other duets during the event. (Photo by Sophie Picone)

Gabrielle Hansen and Shelia Bazelais, Staff Reporters

Select Choir held its annual Cabaret Night in mid-February, performing to a sizable audience in the cafeteria. 

Cabaret Night is an event where members of Select Choir get to show their individual talents by singing a song of their choice. This could be a solo or group song, with their choice of Select Choir members. 

Due to COVID restrictions, the past two years have either been canceled or moved to the auditorium.

Preparations for the night begin as early as mid-December, starting with choosing a song and clearing it with Choir Director Lauren Voight. From there, both the student and Voight decide whether to use a track or use the piano. 

Mrs. Mary Romond and senior Owen Case both helped with preparing for the night and were accompanists for the songs. They, along with the students, worked hard to learn each song and play it when the night came. 

Connor Farrington, senior and four-year Select student, started the night off with “Luck be a Lady Tonight” by Frank Sinatra. 

Nicole Magistrado, senior and first-year Select Choir member, sang “Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita.” The song is in Tagalog, a Filipino dialect, and translates to “Why Do I Love You” in English. 

Magistrado said she chose the song because she wanted to surprise her parents by singing in their native language. 

Jennifer Umana, a senior, sang the song, “Tu Solo Tu” which translates to “You Only You.” In the song, it tells a story of a woman that longs for her love to notice her. 

“I grew up in a Spanish-speaking background, and grew up listening to Selena,” said Umana, “so I thought one of her songs would be very appropriate.” 

Snacks and treats were available to the audience as the performances went on. All food and drinks available were donated by the Choir members. 

Many of the performers’ family members came out to support the students, including choir members who didn’t perform. Students and other members of the community were welcome to attend and cheer on the performers. 

 “It was very effectively planned and there was the perfect number of singers. The duets added a nice twist to it. Also, getting the crowd to interact  was a great surprise,” said Student Council President Julia Bisse. 

At the end of the night, seniors Gio Bucca and Liane Spann performed “The Phantom of the Opera,” encouraging the audience to participate in the performance. 

The end of the night was filled with applause and cheers, sending off an amazing night. Overall, Cabaret Night was a roaring success.