Seniors Walk the Halls in Their Spookiest Getups

The Streak Staff

Seniors strutted the halls of Warren Hills in their costumes for the Senior Halloween Parade on Oct. 28, 2022.  Olivia Lanfrank won Best Female Costume and Ian Haney won Best Male Costume. The competition’s winning prize was free prom tickets. Haney dressed as McLovin’ from the movie Superbad and Lanfrank dressed as Marie Antoinette. Lanfrank said, “I was genuinely shocked. I want to thank Mrs. Radar and Amazon Prime. I did not think I would win, so it was a nice surprise.”  The Halloween Parade is a Warren Hills tradition where the seniors walk around the school and the underclassmen take time out of their class to watch. “I thought a lot of the costumes were super creative,” said freshman Sierra Coombs. “The gorilla was my favorite costume. I thought it was fun to see everyone dress up and I enjoyed watching it with my classmates. It made me excited for when I’m a senior to participate.” The Halloween Parade is one of the many senior privileges and a favorite amongst students and staff.