Blue Streaks Come Together For Reading Under the Stars

A Stellar Success

The Streak Staff

Reading Under the Stars, led by Streak Nation Advisor Heather Wight and Director of Athletics and Student Activities Mike Jones, was a blast. The event took place outside the school on the football field, the evening of Nov. 2. During that hour, the community was able to bond as Warren Hills teachers, clubs and students, such as senior Ryan Cagnasola, pictured above, came together to read books to younger children from the surrounding area. Cagnasola described the event as “a really cool way to bond with the community, and really nice, lighthearted fun for the school.”

The event was open to anyone, but it was encouraged that families bring their children between preschool and primary school age, and that they come equipped with a blanket and a book. The event hoped to draw future Blue Streaks in, and help to connect them with current Streaks, and give them a bit of school spirit in advance. This is the second year that the event has run and Wight said, “I love seeing our Blue Streaks in a different light outside of school, having fun and enjoying themselves.”