Film Review: Thrills Find a Niche in The Lost City


Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum star in The Lost City, a film that was recently released in movie theaters.

Annalee Bergmann , Staff Reporter

The long-awaited release has finally arrived. Fans of Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock will not be disappointed with the non-stop action in the comedy feature film The Lost City.

The Lost City is an entertaining comedy adventure film jam-packed with stunts, unexpected thrills and an often shirtless Tatum. It is a refreshing film that should bring people back to the theaters after months of streaming during the nation’s pandemic shutdown. This is a must-see on the big screen.

The movie’s heroine is a romance novelist, Loretta Sage, played by Bullock, who writes an adventure series.

“Sandra Bullock can be proud of her talented performance and the outstanding acting in this movie,” said Warren Hills senior Destiny Sheppard, after she saw the film.

Sage’s latest novel is about two main characters who go on a quest to find lost hidden treasure on an exotic island. Her story happens to parallel a real-life mystery of another lost treasure, and Abigail Fairfox (played by “Harry Potter” himself, Daniel Radcliffe) believes she has insight as to where it may be located.

Tatum plays Alan, the heart-throb cover model for Sage’s latest novel. He attempts to save his friend after she is kidnapped by Fairfox, who believes Sage can translate an ancient language to help discover where the treasure may really lie.

The handsome Tatum brings laughter and humor to his performance. He needs this to be a hit after his recent work in the movie Dog.

Bullock is reminiscent of her past comedic roles in The Proposal and Miss Congeniality. Her performance is powerful and confident.

Filmed in the Dominican Republic, the movie’s beautiful tropical setting adds to the mesmerizing scenery and background that enhances the storytelling plot.

The story is a fantasy with imagery that captures the imagination of the viewers. The screenplay is well-written, and the chemistry between the two main actors is believable. The clean humor makes this a family-fun outing.

Some have compared The Lost City, released in theaters March 21, to a film from the 1980s called Romancing the Stone. There are similarities, but it is not a remake.

The music featured in the film heightens the suspense and lightens the mood when necessary.

“I really like how the background music blends with action after action,” said senior Zachary Neves.

In the beginning, the movie feels far-fetched and cringey; about a half hour later, though, the film becomes vigorously entertaining and humorous at the same time.

This is not a normal action film. It sprinkles comedy and romance throughout. It is a good first-date movie.

There is no doubt that this movie is unpredictable and action-packed. It is a delightful change from the DC/Marvel genre. It should be a blockbuster hit that Hollywood can be proud of, and Bullock and Tatum can be satisfied with its success. It is appropriate to bring your family or a date to enjoy a bucket of popcorn, some M&M’s, some heart-stopping moments and a few belly laughs.