NHS Induction Lights the Way to Success


Annalee Bergmann, Staff Reporter

Hard work and diligence pay off for 55 Warren Hills senior class members as they are inducted into the National Honor Society Nov. 17. The students were honored in the high school auditorium for their leadership, service, character and scholarly achievements. Six faculty advisors selected the new inductees based on their academic achievements and commitments to the community, among other qualifications. “The induction was so different from what I expected,” said honoree Loren Burrows. “It was great seeing all my friends get inducted into this amazing program, and I can’t wait to see where we will all go after this. The ceremony was really special for us, especially since so many students got the chance to be inducted.” A speech by Marshall Cuomo, a Mathematics and Computer Science teacher who also teaches Advanced Placement courses, resonated with the students. The NHS Executive Board offered remarks that were inspiring, said senior Gabrielle Martinez. New NHS Faculty Advisor Cheryl O’Melia offered a brief biography while introducing each student; during the introduction, each honoree signed his/her name into the NHS National Registry. The ceremony concluded with each of the 55 students lighting a handheld candle and taking the NHS pledge in order to become an official member. After the ceremony, the students took pictures to remember their moment of becoming members of this elite society. (Photo courtesy of Andy Oakley)