Blue Streak Band Marches In Metlife


Photo courtesy of Mr. Nick Rizzo

The Blue Streak Marching Band marches onto the Metlife Stadium field to perform for the first time at the Yamaha Cup. The event is organized by US Bands and depending on the performance, bands can be rated anywhere from Good to Superior. In a matter of minutes, the band would put on a phenomenal show.

Frankie LoPresti, Editor

It was an early morning in early October  as the Blue Streak Marching Band embarked on a journey for the first time in their history– a trip to Metlife Stadium to compete in the Yamaha Cup. 

The Blue Streak Band had competed in many competitions, but never had they taken part in the Yamaha Cup. This cup is known for hosting many bands from the tri-state area. The band knew that it was going to be a very tough competition, but this would not stop them from wanting to go  and perform their hearts out. 

During the previous three months, the band had been practicing and cleaning up the show so that it could be their best performance of the season.

Finally, it was time, the clock had just hit 1:10 p.m. and led by Drum Major Frankie LoPresti (me) the Blue Streak Band took the field. After being called to attention by Assistant Drum Major Kapri Delghiaccio, the show began.

Warren Hills Marching Band’s field show is called Extra Terrestrial, which depicts aliens coming down to earth and slowly beginning to take over. From the music, to the visual cues, the show really brings out the story the show is trying to tell.

The first song brings a strong start to the story with a combination of fast and slow tempos. Using audio cues as well as some acting to help to tell the story of the unexpected alien invasion. 

The second song is the despair section of the show, with a slower tempo making the audience feel as if all hope is lost. 

Then the grand finale, the third song, once again upping  the tempo, showing retaliation with the humans against the aliens and acting as the final battle. Just like that, the show ended as dramatically as it started.

With the crowd cheering, the Blue Streak Band marched off the field and from then, the waiting game for the award began.. 

When asked about his overall thoughts on the Yamaha Cup, Band Director, Jason Graf was enthusiastic.

“It was an awesome day!  The best part for me was seeing how excited the band students and their parents were as we were marching into the field and after we finished performing,” he said. “It was also really neat to see and hear our band play in such a massive stadium compared to what we are used to.”

Finally the time was here, awards! The Blue Streak Band placed seventh out of 11 bands, with a score of 70.1.

 So how did the event go overall? 

“I think performing at the Yamaha Cup was a big motivator for our band, and has given us a nice boost of energy and focus as we move into the later portion of the season. This year one of our strongest areas has been our ensemble music playing,” Graf said.  “When everyone is confident playing their part we sound really good!  We have put a lot of time into marching and visual basics and fundamentals. What is so important is that everyone is enjoying working hard and making the best contribution to our band that they possibly can.”