Seniors Win First Pep Rally in 2 Years

Bella Scott, Staff Reporter

Members of the Warren Hills Student Council celebrate in the stands of the school stadium as they conclude their first Fall Pep Rally in two years. The Pep Rally was part of Homecoming festivities on Oct. 1. The rally, held outdoors at the football field, was full of games and races, including an event called “Caffeinate Kavcak,” where students from the senior, junior, sophomore and freshman classes competed with one another by throwing coffee K-Cups through a large photo of the face and head of Principal Chris Kavcak. A tug-of-war between students and faculty members was also a highlight of the afternoon. Students competed in two relays: the Hawaiian relay race and the beach ball relay race. English teacher Emily Kablis, the Student Council’s faculty advisor, coordinated the event. “Preparing for the Pep Rally took about a month to get everything planned,” she said. “As soon as the [Student Council’s] Exec Board was filled, they went straight to work with planning.” The 2022 Senior Class claimed victory by a 17-point margin and won against the other three grades.