Hyping Up the Homecoming Crowd

Annalee Bergmann, Staff Reporter

Student fans cheer wildly as the unity and pride of being a Blue Streak shines during Homecoming week in preparation for the Homecoming football game Oct. 1. Although many people may think that Homecoming is vapid, it is a time for the school to come together as one in solidarity and pride. “I enjoyed the Pep Rally, and I thought it went too quickly,” said freshman Logan Young, who was attending his first-ever school pep rally and who also attended the football game that night. “It definitely brings the school together.” Warren Hills goes all the way to make this week a special time, especially for the Seniors. Students at Warren Hills can participate in diverse activities, from dressing in a certain theme each day to joining the Blue Crew to cheer the football team at the Homecoming game. The enthusiastic Pep Rally, held at the football stadium at the end of the school day on Oct. 1, helped students express their school spirit. The competition between the classes was fun but fierce, with Seniors ruling the school. The Class of 2022, working side by side, pulled off their win as reigning kings and queens of the Hills. The festivities did not end at the game; a Homecoming dance followed.