Pandemic Pets


Photo Courtesy of Dominic Bush

Warren Hills students have gotten lots of interesting pets during the global corona virus pandemic

Megan Gill, Editor in Chief

While being trapped indoors for almost a year, pets have helped many people keep their sanity. Just being there pets and old made life just a little bit easier.

Some students, like sophomore Lisa Barry, recently got a pet over the pandemic.

“I recently got one [a dog], and I’ve had the other for about four years,” said Barry.

Others, such as sophomore Renee Simeus, have had their pets for much longer.

“I’ve had my cat since I was five and my dog since I was one,” said Simeus.

Junior Yuliana Pereginets ended up getting her pet because of a story told in one of her classes.

“Señora Trifiletti told us a story about how she wanted to get her grandkids crabs for fun one summer, but she left them in the trunk of her car and they just got fried,” said Pereginets. “I was inspired. Not to kill it, just to get a hermit crab.”

Other students have had a few scares with their pets. Freshman Casey Perez reminisced on the time her kitten got lost in the house.

“A few days ago when I was doing my homework, my kitten was sniffing around the house trying to get used to it. I took my eyes off of him for a minute and he was completely gone,” said Perez, “Sure enough, he pops up out of the couch acting like he was there the whole time.”

Some students spoil their pets out of love, like senior Hannah Devoe.

“Every time my sister and I go to Starbucks we get her a Puppuccino (a cup with whipped cream in it),” said Devoe. “She now knows the cup when we walk into the house, but if you do not get her one, she will whine and look at you like you did something evil.”

Junior Dominic Bush has two leopard geckos, both of which have their own personalities.

“Holly doesn’t like to do much, but when she’s out of her tank, she runs around and always tries to jump off of the tallest object she can find,” said Bush, “Pimento is always energetic, even when he’s in the tank. Whenever anything is happening, he always looks around with bright eyes and will follow you around.”

Junior Layla Cumer-Tomasula has a pet Rottweiler who also has some adorable quirks.

“Chops loves to chase shadows. If there is a shadow on the wall or floor, he will try to grab the shadow,” she said. “He jumps on the shadows and barks at them…very interesting to watch.”

Having pets during these tough times was definitely a plus for everyone. Devoe said her dog helped her, because she was able to stay active and be comforted.

“I think having a pet did make it easier. The reason is because I can get bored very easily and knowing that my dog was downstairs ready to play or go for a walk really helped me be active during quarantine,” she said. “ It is also nice to have my cat because I know there is an animal that would want to cuddle and relax with me.”