Smash’s Newest Character

Brings Minecraft’s Steve to Roster



Steve, the main character from Minecraft, the Microsoft-owned game known for its user-driven content, creative use of blocks and monsters that come out at night, made his debut as the 7th DLC character of Smash Bros in early October.

Austin Cadigan, Guest Writer

Through Smash Ultimate’s life, it’s seen a plethora of characters and alongside the 76 playable characters in the base game, it’s seen its fair share of DLC characters. 

From Persona 5’s Joker to Banjo-Kazooie’s Banjo & Kazooie, the DLC fighters of this game have been ones that have both shocked and excited tons of people. And the latest DLC character is quite the crafty pick, literally. 

Revealed in early October, it was unveiled that Minecraft’s very own Steve would be making his Smash Bros debut as the 7th DLC character. His moveset and appearance in general is one never before seen in Smash. His appearance and animations are almost directly taken from his own game, albeit with some minor tweaks. 

The move set itself is also quite interesting, his gimmick is all about mining the ground to gather materials, using those materials to make stronger tools or using them for different specials.  The materials the player gets while mining depends on the terrain of the stage. For example, on a stage with a lot of wooden terrain, players will mostly only get wood and if the stage terrain is something like steel, players will mostly get stone and iron. 

Yet on any stage, regardless of terrain, Iron, Gold, Diamonds and Redstone are available.  In the Smash Ultimate competitive scene, there are different stages players use and those stages have hazards off (meaning the stage won’t change from what it starts off as) and obviously materials change, depending on the stage, so even with “hazards off,”  those materials still vary. 

For example, even with “hazards off” on Pokemon Stadium 2, players still only get Stone and Iron, alongside Redstone, Diamonds and Gold. Steve himself comes with his own stage and music, the stage is called Minecraft World and it features destructible blocks and different biomes that are random in terms of which biome it will be. The music included with Steve all comes from different minigames and spin-offs such as Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Earth with six songs being remixes done by different composers and one being a port. 

For many players, Steve was a pleasant surprise although one that anyone could see coming, with how big Minecraft is. Alongside the five characters of Fighter Pass 1, and the two currently-revealed characters of Fighter Pass 2 –those being Min Min from ARMS and Steve–there are four more we’ve yet to know about.

That leaves two questions: Who are these last four characters and who would you like to see get in?