Jake’s Friends Remember



Jake Michael Stria
October 4, 2001-February 19, 2020

The entire Warren Hills community mourned the loss of Jake Michael Stria who died tragically on Feb 19. 2020 at St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem, PA. According to the memorial published on the website of the Wright & Ford Family Funeral Home in Flemington, NJ, where Jake’s services were held, Jake “will be most remembered as a truly kind-hearted and ‘Old Soul’ who was sensitive and thoughtful, and always put others first.”

The Streak staff joins the Warren Hills community in expressing our condolences to Jake’s family and friends and because we cannot profess to know what others would like to say, the following are some memories from some of Jake’s closest friends:

Senior Angelica Capozza said she will remember Jake saying, “Hey, Ang…sorry I overslept really bad.”

Senior Brett Herrmann said he will remember Jake ordering, “Two McChickens with mac sauce and a large coke, please.”

Senior Carlie Mancini said her favorite memory with Jake is “when we would go on long car rides together blasting music and singing our hearts out together.”

Senior Olivia Flynn fondly remembered Jake saying, “That waitress is not getting a good tip.”

Senior Melina Barbatsoulis said she wishes she could hear Jake say “my name” one last time … “Schmelina!”

Senior Domenic Daugenti said he will remember Jake saying, “Dom, can we go to the ool Ed today?”

Senior Brooke Yencha said the Dunkin’ parking lot looks a lot emptier without Jake waiting in his car for her every study hall morning. She misses hearing him say, “Hey Brooke, saw you at Dunkin’ this morning.”

Junior Abby Rock said her favorite memory with Jake was “When we were in the car and the song, ‘Hanging by a Moment,’ by Lifehouse came on and we looked at each other and he had a big goofy smile on his face and just started screaming the song.”

Senior Travis Coughlin said he is going to miss Jake saying, “Yo, Trevor, let me get that.”

And last but not least, Senior Ryan Chambers said he will miss Jake saying, “C’mon, bro, delete that.”