Debate Team Attends Harvard Model Congress


Some of the members of the Debate Team visiting the Harvard campus during their trip. (Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Penny Giamoni)

Aaliyah Khan, Editor in Chief

The Warren Hills Debate Team visited Boston to take part in the annual Harvard Model Congress conference at the end of February. The team attended the conference to learn more about the government and to get an inside look into all the work that goes into running the country.

Nine members of the Debate Team participated in this year’s competition and students took on roles of Congresspersons by being part of committees ranging from the Historical Committee to the Group of 20.

Juniors Julia Teets and Maggie Alder took part in the Historical Committee, a unique group that simulated the presidential cabinet in 1933, a year of great chaos with the emergence of the Great Depression.

“We debated on solutions to the Great Depression and the agricultural crisis at that time,” said Alder. “I learned a lot about the different types of people that you will meet in politics and how much of an impact your actions have in the world.”

Senior Kayla Norton also expressed her appreciation of being a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence.

“I was able to see how the government responds to threats. It was really cool to learn about what goes into protecting our country,” she said. “I think one of the best parts was acting like my assigned congressman and researching how he would handle situations based on his views.”

While no students brought home awards this year, two students, junior Samantha Lewis and senior Kayla Norton were granted scholarships to attend the conference.

“I was very happy I got the scholarship. HMC is one of my favorite debate trips, as I really wanted to attend this year, so I’m incredibly grateful that I was able to receive a scholarship,” said Lewis.

Senior Christopher Casella, one of the Captains of the Debate Team, reflected on his years of attending the conference and what was special about this year’s visit.

“I really enjoyed this trip much more than last year’s because this year I joined a special committee, allowing me to better know my colleagues as they’re usually smaller sized,” he said.

Casella also expressed his hope for other students to get involved.

“HMC is such a fun experience that has allowed me to learn about an organization I didn’t know much about, read about pressing issues and make new good friends,” he said. “Whether you win anything or not, the experience alone is worth it. I would definitely recommend others to take part in the conference.”