Peer Leaders Say Be a Voice, Not an Echo


Overall, both days of events were successful at getting the message across to the student body. (Photo courtesy of Tim Downs)

Jessica Smith, Editor in Chief

Peer Leaders hosted their annual BIONIC and SADD Days during the third week of May.  Using the theme, “Be A Voice, Not an Echo,” both events sought to influence students to be leaders, not followers.

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Day was held on a Tuesday for juniors and seniors.  To begin the program, Peer Leaders showed a fictitious video scenario where a few of them went to a party and decided to drink, getting into a car accident afterward. 

Students and teachers then transferred outside where they could see amock car crash, set up by local emergency personnel. 

When students returned to the auditorium, each person was given a flashlight for an activity during which  Peer Leaders read off statements. If audience members felt the statement applied to themselves, they had the choice of shining their light.

Peer Leader, Brian Quigley, one of the three coordinators for SADD Day shared his opinion on the activity.

“The flashlight activity was one of my favorite parts of the day,” he said.  “It was a great visual, and I have to say the amount of lights that went up during some of the statements was astonishing.”

Guest speaker Evelyn Piazza concluded SADD Day by sharing the story of what happened to her son, Tim Piazza.  Tim was a sophomore attending Pennsylvania State University, who died because he was hazed by members of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. 

The Freshmen and Sophomores experienced their own events on the Wednesday with BIONIC (Believe It Or Not I Care) Day.

Half of the students took part in the “Game of Life,” and made decisions that would affect where they went to next.  Various organizations read the consequences reflecting the students’ choices at different tables. 

The other half of students went to the auxiliary gym and listened to guest speakers Helen and Amanda tell their stories of how drug addiction affected their lives. 

Peer Leader Megan Beckler, one of the three coordinators for BIONIC Day said, “The end result was definitely worth all of the stress and hard work my fellow Peer Leaders and I put in.”