Basketball Stars Set For Season


Alan Freeman, Sean Morris, Tahji Hooks, and James Jordan have led the team in what could be one of the best seasons in program history. (Photo by Alex Schwalb)

Jasa Kopack and Tarynn Noll


            Seniors James Jordan, Tahji Hooks, Sean Morris, and junior Alan Freeman have led the boys basketball team to one of its best seasons yet.

Jordan recently dropped his 1000th point and his teammates Morris, Hooks, and Freeman have been integral to this feat. They are working hard and have a lot of determination for the 2018-19 team.

They have high hopes for this season, grinding very hard for the final stretch of crucial games. Here is what they have to say about the season thus far.


Q: How do you think the team is going to do this season?

Jordan: I think we have the opportunity to go very deep in the playoffs and hopefully win the conference

Morris: I think we will do very well this season. We have a lot of returners coming back.

Freeman: I feel like the team will do really well. We have a lot of players coming back from last year, and we are getting new players.

Hooks: The sky is the limit. Should be a good and fun year


Q: What is your goal for this season?

Jordan: My goal is to win the conference and my personal goal is to make a 1000 points.

Morris: To win sectionals and go even further.

Freeman: I would like to win our conference and go for states. By the end of my senior year, I would like to be a 1000 point scorer and be team captain.

Hooks: To win 15 games and win our division and hopefully win our county tournament.


Q: So far how do you feel your team has been performing compared to last year?

Jordan: I feel like we are a lot faster, we have a couple extra shooters added to our team, we are a little more mobile, and we run different offence then we could last year.

Morris: We have been performing well. We have a lot of chemistry.

Freeman: We do have a lot of people from last year, so we do have a lot of chemistry. Communication wise we are doing great.

Hooks: I wasn’t here, but from what I’ve heard this year we play more as a team.


Q: How have your performances affected the team’s performance this year?

Jordan: I feel like it has impacted in a positive way, I bring a lot to the team as far as a offensive and defensive mindset, I am also very encouraging  to my team. We are all positive and stay around each other as much as possible.

Morris: I play to my full potential everytime I get onto the floor. By doing that, everyone else plays to their full potential.

Freeman: I feel like I have been doing really good I try to pass the ball and try to be as positive as possible on the court. I do whatever I can to make the players better.

Hooks: I just like to do all the little things. I like to just help in any way I can.