Goodbye QuickChek, Hello CVS


CVS Pharmacy and Drugstore is currently open for business, offering products to local residents and workers alike. (Photo by Emily Deming)

Emily Deming, Staff Reporter

QuickChek, Washington Boro’s  beloved corner store, has closed and been replaced by the pharmacy chain, CVS.

December 13, 2018 was the last day the 24-hour convenience store was open at its Washington Boro location as they traded their home on Belvidere Avenue to a CVS Pharmacy, which opened its doors on December 17.

CVS is now open from 8:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night all week, though it closes at seven on Saturdays and one on Sundays.  It offers many drug store products, as well as a pharmacy in the back.

According to Alyssandra Dante, a two-year QuickChek employee, workers were told the two-year lease on the building, which is owned by a third party, had ended and CVS was moving in.

“I found out awhile ago,” Dante said. “I was upset, but it’s good for the community to have a better health store there.”

Alhough she had worked as a cashier at QuickChek, Dante said she took the opportunity to switch  to CVS; all employees were given options of staying and working at CVS part-time or switching to other QuickChek locations.

Other Quick Chek employees, like Assistant Manager Michelle Cornish, who had worked for the store 23 years, chose not to switch to CVS.

“I was very devastated. I think closing was the biggest mistake they could do. I feel bad for the customers, they have no place to get coffee, cigarettes, and subs now,” she said.  “CVS will be worse. They won’t be [open] 24-hours and are only hiring part-time.”

Washington resident Molly Dalrymple, a former frequent Quick Chek patron, said she will miss the convenience store, due to her

close proximity and status as a non-driver.

Besides, she said, “CVS is cheaper than QuickChek.”

Speaking of non-drivers, how has QuickChek’s closing affected the local kids? With no means of their own to get places, where will teenagers go to meet with their friends, grab a drink, or just to escape the weather conditions?

Warren Hills students weighed in on the loss of QuickChek in their community.

“I think it was a poor decision, considering what I’ve seen,” said freshman Dom Bush. “It was a nice place to hang out with my friends or get a sandwich. It was prime location.”

Katie Colligan, a sophomore and frequent visitor of the establishment, was upset, too.

“I grew up with it; it feels like a piece of my childhood being taken away. It felt like another home, a place to chill with my friends,” she said. “[QuickChek’s closing] takes away a lot of convenience food, like milkshakes, subs, Muddy Buddies, and chocolate.”

Teddy Martinko, a freshman and Washington Boro resident, said he already misses QuickChek.

“CVS doesn’t have slushies or hot food. My favorite snack to get [there] was a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese,” he said.

Sophomore Kai Wilson agreed.

“I always used to go there after I worked out at Gibson’s,” he said.   “I probably miss the subs the most.”

For Warren Hills junior Tony Tenasse, who has lived within a five-minute walk from the store for the majority of his life, QuickChek was more than just a convenience store.

“QuickChek is life, nothing is better,” he said. “I’ve been going there since I was four. I don’t like CVS. I think it is not a good idea and that it just won’t work in this town.”