“Streaks…Have You Heard?” Episode 3

The Storm, Mr. Patricia, Mr. Kavcak, Christina Page, Mr. Horn, and Tim Wynkoop

Streaks...Have You Heard? Episode 3

Hannah Mele, Writer

“Streaks…Have You Heard?” is a feature that gives the community an insight to the great things happening in our school.  New episodes will premier monthly at the Board of Education meeting and then will be available on the school’s website and on “The Storm.”

This month’s episode features the following awesome students and activities at Warren Hills:

Warren Hills Archery Team, DECA, Girls Go CyberSmart, A Stitch in Time Club, Spring Musical, Team Impact Robotics Competition, 41st NJ FFA Horticulture Exposition, Blue Streak Outstanding Wrestler, Geraldine R. Dodge “Poets for the Art of Poetry,” STEAM Night, Best Buddies Showcase, Human Rights Club, and Student Council NJASC Standards of Excellence