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Alex Schwalb
Alex Schwalb is an Editor in Chief of The Streak. He writes for various sections of The Streak and is always working to improve his writing skills. He tries his best to build strong friendships with his fellow staff members so he can be comfortable working with anyone and create a fun environment for everyone to work effectively. Alex takes pride in helping his fellow staff members and answering whatever questions they might have. As Editor in Chief, it is his duty to make sure everyone on the staff is working strongly and working together on the newspaper and always tries his hardest to get everyone connected and talking. Alex is also a second-year film student with several acclaimed films to his name. Aside from writing, he enjoys music despite not knowing how to play any instruments. In his downtime, he can be found at his local record store, carelessly spending money on records. Alex, tired of cold weather and snow, hopes to attend Florida International University in Miami, Florida, but has explored many different options. He intends to major in journalism no matter what college he attends.

Alex Schwalb, Editor in Chief

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