Ryan Galka Crowned Mr. Warren Hills


Eleven contestants line up on the auditorium stage March 11 to hear which of them has won awards in different categories during the annual Mr. Warren Hills contest. Category winners included Christopher Palazzolla for Cutest Baby, Michael Galka for Best Legs, Sebastien Castillo for Crowd Favorite, Eamonn Hammond and Michael Auer for Mr. Congeniality, and Thomas Cousins for Mr. Philanthropy in his success at raising the most money for the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation. (Photo courtesy of The Lamaton Yearbook Staff)

Bella Scott, Staff Reporter

Ryan Galka outpaced 10 of his fellow seniors boys on March 11th to earn the 2022 coveted title of Mr. Warren Hills, with Thomas Cousins named the runner-up.
The Student Council’s annual Mr. Warren Hills’ competition offered laughs galore in the high school auditorium.
The event began with 11 contestants rushing into the auditorium “in search of” the show’s host, Math Teacher Marshall Cuomo, who was “asleep” on the stage.
The rest of the contestants were Michael Auer, Sebastien Castillo, Lossenie Fofana, Owen Frizzell, Michael Galka, Eamonn Hammond, Jonathan Lainez, Tyler Michalski and Christopher Palazzolla.
The competition opened with the group TikTok dancing, with each boy showing off his moves and Cuomo quipping that the boys had “clearly picked up a few moves” from him.
Next up was the official formal entrance of the contestants, escorted by the person(s) of their choosing. Escorts ranged from family members to girlfriends and even one contestant using a giant replica of Principal Christopher Kavcak’s head as his “escort.”
The boys also walked in to the beat of their own intro music, dressed in their choices of formal wear. Songs varied from “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows,” by Lesley Gore, to “Gucci Flip Flops” by Bhad Bhabie.
This year the judges consisted of Blue Streak Head Football Coach Marcus Gurdineer, Science Teacher Elizabeth Nicolosi, Substitute Teacher Chip Castner and Warren Hills Alumnus Meghan Dufner (Class of 2021).
The talent portion of the show came next, with acts ranging from Auer flipping water bottles to Michael Galka teaching his fellow contestants and the crowd how to tie their shoelaces. A particular favorite of the crowd was Castillo letting his escort and his opponents wax his legs.
Another interesting performance was a routine by Cousins, who recreated actor Tom Holland’s “Lip Sync Battle” dance to Rihanna’s 2007 hit song, “Umbrella.” After the music ended, Cousins turned to junior Madison McKenna, his “backup dancer,” and promposed with a sign and flowers, resulting in her agreement to be his date to the prom.
Following the talent portion of the show, the boys then entered the stage in their beachwear. Hammond had the crowd laughing with his grass skirt and coconut bra.
After a brief intermission, where the Peer Leaders performed dances from Disney Channel Original Movies, the top five contestants moved on to the question-and-answer portion of the event.
The top five were identified as Cousins, both of the Galka brothers, Hammond and Lainez.
Host Cuomo asked Michael Galka: “If there was a movie made about your life, who would you want to play you and why?”
Galka responded,“Meg the Stallion, because she captures my essence.”
Cousins was asked by Cuomo, “What is your guilty pleasure song?” Cousins replied with “Party in the USA,” and said he is “tired of pretending it is not amazing.”
As the judges conferred to determine the winners of each category and the contestant who would be crowned, a video of the behind-the-scenes making of Mr. Warren Hills played for the audience. The video faded off to reveal all the contestants lined up on the stage and ready for the crowning of the winner.
Science Teacher Alexandra Helle and Student Council Advisor Emily Kablis crowned each contestant, with the help of Student Council Executive Member Katey McLaughlin, a senior.
Before the crowning of Mr. Warren Hills, Kablis took over the microphone to announce the first-ever Ms. Warren Hills, McLaughin, because of her hard work and dedication to the show.
To end the night, Ryan Galka thanked his fans, “manager Katey, my older brother and mentor, Nick,” and remarked to Hammond: “the show would not be possible without you.”